The Woodshires team

The Best Financial Team In The Cotswolds

At Woodshires, we're a small team of highly driven individuals who care about giving you the service that you deserve. We want you to have a good experience with us because we understand that things like life insurance, first-time buyer mortgages, critical illness cover and every other financial service can be incredibly daunting. Where do you start? Why do you need this information? Why are they asking me these questions?

There are so many questions surrounding these topics because many of them are huge life decisions. It's intimidating, it's overwhelming and it's a lot to process. That's where we come in. 

“I had a lot of questions in regardings to my first mortgage. We're a young family just getting on the ladder. I can't sign Woodshires' praise enough, every member of staff was thorough and patient, and despite me asking countless questions and getting frustrated, they handled everything professionally and helped me understand the whole process. They'll be getting a Christmas card, ever year!”

Mr Leigh


Our team of experienced financial advisors and assistants are on hand to you every step of the way. Take comfort knowing that the person handling your application will do so with care and compassion.

Meet our Team

Head Advisor

Michael Siviter MLIA(dip) CeMap

Our head advisor, Mike, enjoys long walks with the office dog Indy, taking on adventures he has never done and travelling the world. Mike is a big believer in experiencing things and will try anything at least once. 



Katie is the friendly voice you hear when you call us. You'll hear from her a lot. She takes her tea with two sugars, enjoys spending time with her baby, creating amazing works of art and is currently training to be a tattoo artist. 



Gemma is another of the friendly staff that we have here in the office. She is a qualified massage therapist, enjoys spending time with her daughter and having a weekend away. When you've got a question, there's a good chance you'll speak to Gem!